Observation class: the conclusion

i So it did not end up too badly in the end. My conclusion is that I was too slow at first, givong too much attention to having the right tone, so I ended up missing time to finish the drawing (more easy to see on the sides). I drew the kettle really fast and could not draw the patterns on the glass pot. But I said too myself: better to have at least a beautiful image, even when it make the drawing to not look exactly like the subject.

As a bonus, here is a drawing I made in the same class, drawing fabric this time. It take some time understand it , but once you see it, I think it`s quite beautiful and you can actually almost feel the fabric.


Observation class

I'm currently in my Drawing from observation class  break. We are doing a conte drawing, using white and black conte chalks on  colored paper. You can see the subject and my  drawing here. My drawing look pretty. ..sad for now, let's see if I can change that before the end of the class :D

Gone with the wind impressions

I heard about this movie  when I was still very little, but got to see it only last week. My interest for it became bigger as I started watching old movies. Then I choose Vivian Leigh as the reference face for a character I draw often, which made me want to see it even more.

In the end this only influenced my view of the movie a little bit. Overall, I was greatly impressed.

First, a bit about the story. As much as I had heard about this movie before, I never  new what it was able and I thought the two main characters, Scarlett and Rhett were eperdually in love with each other. Haard to be more wrong on that. The story is mainly about Scarlett in fact (played by Vivian Leigh), Very pretty, daugther of a rich plantation owner in the South of the United states around 1860 , she learn that the man she loves, Ashley (played by Leslie Howard) is going to marry her cousin Melanie (Olivia de Havilland). Very jealous, she try to makes him changes his mind, but fail blantlantly. She also meat Rhett Butler (Clark Gable), a newcomer in the region with a very bad reputation.  Rhett fall immediatly for Scarlett... energy to day that nicely, but she cannot forget Ashley. And the , the Civil War start.

One odf the first thing who suprised me is the length. Never did I knew, when I put that DVD in the PS3 that this movie was so lengthy, it make Titanic cry in a corner in shame for being way to short. Honestly, I had to cut my screening in two; I had to go to bed. Never did the "Entracte" in the middle of the movie seemed more fitting to me. But, in no moment did I found the movie too slow, or not interesting. Although there is some calmer moments, they are always welcome, after dramatic moments or intense war scenes.

She does seem really nice, no? But seriously, main characters with big problems? I love it!

I had often heard how Scarlett O'Hara was one crazy lady... well let's just say it was indeed true. Never did I saw a character so unconnected to her own feelings, trying too much to be strong but in fact so capricious and immature. And here is the only link I will make with the character who have Vivian Leigh's features.... god they are so much alike. Scarlett just seem way worse.... but as extreme as she can be, she remain a very realistic and interesting character. Even in today's movie, we don't often see main characters as extreme and who show as frankly the bad sides of a person who still fundamental remains a normal person who have the same kind of desires as everyone around her. She treats everyone around her terribly, especially Rhett, (probably because she see herself in him) but it still what make her so true.
Ok , he does force-kiss her a bit too much...

Rhett in contrast, was maybe a little to dashing for realistic measure, but that made him a more interesting character as well. I only wish it would not have been Clark Gable who played him. I sincerely don't really see any charm in him. Well, in Rhett Butler, there is some, but it is mostly because of the writing and a bit from the acting, but the actor himself , for me... naaaah.. Still, I never thought I would love the character so much , he ended up being my favorite. 
Happy Rhett? You're my favorite. Here is a cookie!

I think Melanie and Ashley are interesting characters as well. It was strange to see Olivia De Havilland playing such a pure character, as I usually saw her in more playful roles. I think she pulled it  very well and Melanie is the perfect personification of that "too nice" character. This is usually the kind of character I hate, but in a movie where the main character is Scarlett O'Hara, it was actually refreshing. I think that kind of character is in fact a problem when they are the main character. How could anyone relate to someone who is perfect. But as a supporting character/ rival, this become really interesting.

Ashley was not a very interesting character  for me although I appreciate him portraying the weak emotional side so much humans have. The way he cannot really resist Scarlett and how he chooses the more easy way of live and only wish for peace is interesting. How pathetic of him to really realise he loves Melanie when it's too late
  M. and Mrs. Perfect. Not exactly in fact, but oh well

Aside for the character, I must say the costumes were just breathtaking. I have a very soft spot for Victorian clothes, men and women alike. I thought interesting to see the movie was  shot at a time were snood were coming back in fashion... for the first time since the time were the story of Gone with the wind took place. Scarlett's dress made from the curtains was especially pretty. What's with movie characters making such beautiful dress with curtains.
Curtain dress! 
   Curtain dress!  (and she have two more)

 I also found out interesting that this story was tell from the point of you or people from the South of the United States. In my limited knowledge of the Civil War (since I live in Canada, it was not a huge part of our history classes), from what I grasped, they were always portrayed as "the bad guys" since they wanted to keep the slavery.

A bit like Grave of the fireflies (taking place in Japan in the second WW),'' Gone with the wind'' show this war from the point of view from a side I was used to see on the "enemy" side in movies and stories. Even if I already knew it, it it refreshing to see how war could have been for those people, remembering us that  on each side of a war, there is always normal humans beings who suffer from it.


The price of wanting what we don't have

Yesterday, I went to the store. After bleaching my brains with days of videos telling how to apply make-up or how to style hairs to achieve a style like I wanted.... I wanted to buy some cosmetics and products. Nothing much: one or two lipstick, an eyeliner, skin moistener, pomade for hair, etc

Not much... but it cost me over one hundred dollars. God. Trying to take care of my skin and hair cost a lot.

I keep thinking a lot of that stuff is overpriced (as is a lot of things) .Especially that tiny bottle of tainted skin moistener...

All those products are at their first try, except for one, so I’ll probably have to see if they work like I want.

I remember, a few months ago, talking with my mother about a small cream she had. It was suppose to prevent wrinkles. The container was tiny, and to my eyes very pricy. I was telling her how she should not buy that kind of stuff, since there is an high chance it would not even work. She answered me that she thought it was worth the chance. I was not agreeing on that, but oh well.

And then I heard some kind of supplements can help your hair to grow.... and now I want to spend money on that. Yep, it seem I may fall in trap too J.

And now, this may become a bit too deep

Everyone got something they would change on themselves. I’m not only talking about complex. I personally think we should usually work with what we have: I don’t adore how I look like, but I guess its ok. And I’m doing my best to make it better, so that I think I look great and how I want to look.

But... I want long hair. Since I was little. I think it’s so pretty. But my hair are very obstinate. Since two years, they only grew for about 6 inches. At least I’m not the kind of woman who always wants to change my haircut... so they can have the time to grow... but still, it takes so much time....  
        This could grow faster than my hair... and I know rocks don't grow

I know a lot of people who would like to be just a little taller, slimmer, etc. Sometimes it’s possible, sometimes it’s not, and if it is, it usually takes either a lot of work or a lot of patience.

Isn’t it weird we spend so much time working to a goal that would, in the end, not change that much things. In the end, we spent a lot of time just wishing for things we don’t have hmm?

I saw once an article about how, while we fiercely think of sometimes and desire it (having a new house, having a child, a new object) , we should concentrate of the advantages our current situation have. Want a kid? Well while waiting the good moment, you can always use all those free evenings and remember that at least for now, there is no incessant crying. You still have a full private life. Same goes with people who search for a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  The best is always not to overdo it and take the time you have to do the best with it.

I currently realize more and more how each moment in life is important , how each of them will never comes back. So let's like all the ones we can.

Outfit post: October 19th , 2011

Please note there will not be an outfit post for yesterday... as I could not take a picture before coming back to home at 10pm (7 hours of work, 3 hours of waiting and 3hours of class, yay!), I got surprised by the rain... my hairs became so crazy

Anyway, this is what I wore Wednesday

Now fortunately, this is an outfit post and not a face post, because I'm doing a pretty horrible one on all those pics. Another thing to remember to check when taking pictures for these posts... 
Pretty pretty suit. Terrible terrible face XD

My boyfriend actually thought by himself to talk different pictures, how nice of him <3.

I adore this suit, it's so sweet. However, it's probably made for something who is in two dimensions, as I had to made the waistline of the skirt modified so I could wear it (and it’s something to put on) As for the vest, when I wear it closed, I need to wear the bra I bought to compress my chest when I crossplay (more explanation on crossplay/cosplay in another post. You can ask if you have questions anyway).

My only regret here was to forget to tease a bit the hair at the top of my head for a more sixties look. That and my hair who became all frizzy, because it was very windy outside. Anyway, here come the description

To quote my dear Dilandau: MY FACE! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!
(hey , it's important to be to do so auto-derision)

  • Roses in my hairs: Ardene (2$)
  • Earings, necklace, bracelet: Gift from Mat's mother (Mat being my boyfriend, if someone I don't know personally ever read that :p)
  • Pink suit: Friperie Saint-Remi ( I think it's a sixties one... construction and fabric make me think so anyway, 4$)
  • Socks: Fanamanga (from a unknow lolita brand, around 10$)
  • Shoes: Yellow (40$.... they’re kinda old now)

I used Violet Lebeaux’s tutorial to do a bow with my hair, but I made it sideways, since my hair are not as long as hers (sadly, very sadly) I think it’s still cute :3


James Bond observations

I spent last week-end at my boyfriend's parent’s home. His father being a big James Bond fan, he had several of those movies in DVD. In the week-end, we watched three of them

  • Goldfinger
  • Diamonds are forever
  • The man with the golden gun

Now keep in mind that this was my first experience with James Bond (in fact ,I saw Quantum of Solace at the movie theater, but does it really count?).I always was a very girly little girl. Any action movie was out of my "to watch" list for a very long part of my life.

At first, it was exactly like I thought it would be. I didn't live in the jungle for 26 years so I actually know how a James Bond movie is supposed to be. I even saw many times the three Austin Powers, because this is the kind of movie my father like.

So James Bond is there, all mighty, witty, with his gadgets and nice suits, being all sexist (hey, it was the early sixties, don't ask too much, ahahaah). Then I saw Goldfinger. In a playsuit...

 Be happy you cannot see the whole outfit
Now now... man should never wear playsuit. This is a part of vintage fashion I'll never miss. On a woman, it can be a pretty cute outfit. On a man... it's just...errgh... Especially on M.Goldfinger....

I just then realised all the similarities there was between Austin Powers and James Bond. I knew that first was a parody of the second but.... never did I knew it was at that point. In fact , I always thought James Bond movies were a lot more serious that what they actually are.

First, the names... in those movies.... I thought those terrible, sexified names where an Austin Powers joke only... But... just in "Goldfinger"...... There was a woman named Pussy Galore and another Plenty O'Tool (the play of word is even more crude in French "Abondance de la Queue"). Seriously? They were actually named like that. I thought movies were a little more censored in the sixties. Still got a lot to learn it seem (and of course)

"The man in the golden gun " was probably the  one I preferred, only because the main villain was played by awesome Christopher Lee... The fact he have a third nipple and wear some kind of one-piece suit (a playsuit ?!?)  in the start of the movie....well ,I guess I will survive with it. It was pretty fun to see him in his pre-Saruman year. I should watch his Dracula movies, to watch him in all his glory.

I must say that the concept of Mr.Bond winning everything by going to bed with the right lady... and all ladies wanting to go to bed with him.... I was at the same time amused and outraged.  With his legendary charisma, all women fall for him. It's James Bond, it's a classic. It's a big part of the character and what make him more interesting that your average secret agent.  At the same times, I spent those three movies wanting 2 things: to slap some senses in all those girls (especially one of them, I will talk about that lather) and to jump in the James Bond universe and become a very pretty lady so James Bond would hit on me and I could say NO. Just... any girl who could totally, blatantly say "no, not interested” and would not change her mind would be good).

And Mary Goodnight (again? that name!):she KNOWS he go to bed with other women, it sadden her, make her angry... and then ten seconds afterward, she's in his arms. Seriously, at some point, he was about to sleep with her ,then ANOTHER women arrives, he HIDES her in the closet, sleep with the other woman... while she is there.... and in the end, she still forgives him... How can she?

However, "The Man with the Golden Gun" still surprised me by giving Mr. Bond a sidekick (Lieutenant Hip) which really surprised me... I thought he was always alone... except for one (or two, three, five... ) token woman to help.

As for the diverse plots, although they are not the same for each movie, I thought they were pretty similar in style (what a surprise...not), none really stood out for me.

Overall, my favourite in those three was probably "The Man with the Golden Gun". For me to like a movie , I need to like the characters . Since my favourites characters are: Scaramanga, Lieutenant Hip, the kitty and Pussy Galore(she still was cool), "The Man with the Golden Gun" wins with having two characters I really like. I also enjoyed watching the Asian setting, that kind of scenery so different to the ones I'm used to see is always very interesting to watch.

    The winner!.... and I'm not sure it's the epitome of coolness to pose
back to back in shirts like this. Oh well...

Goldfinger come second. Diamond are forever seemed a bit blank I think , compared to the two others... but maybe I should rewatch it with more attention

I think the James Bond series will stay for me fun movies to watch... and absolutely not to be taken seriously. I will surely enjoy watching the others movies.


Outfit post, October 18th 2011

Style post!

Since I also want to talk about vintage, clothing and that kind of stuff,I'll try to post my daily outfit to help motivate myself to have something descent each day.

I can first say: I buy almost NOTHING in "normal clothes" stores. A lot f my clothes were either given to me by someone, or I bought them in a trift store, a flea market, a vintage boutique or online. Most exceptions are tights, socks and underwear (which I will not talk about here :D)

So this is what I wore yesterday

Only one picture .I need to learn to ask for more angles and some zooms in.

This is actually an outfit I often wear when I don't know what to choose from my wardrobe.

The blouse and the skirt were both bought at the thritft store Friperie Saint-RĂ©mi.

A little pause here to say this is my favorite thrift store. First, it's really really cheap. I bought those two pieces for 1$ each. The priciest pieces are 4$. And mostly, the set up. See, there is this " costume" section where everything which is a bit out of the ordinary will be classified. First stop as soon as I arrive in that store. I found a lot of my clothes in that part.

Note that a the checkered skirts are not in that section. And up to now, two persons from Montreal told me this  skirt was the uniform skirt at their high school. I say, lucky them, I think it's actually very cute and blue tartan is not that common!

The tights were a Christmas gift from my parents, and the earrings, a gift from boyfriend's mother. I bought the  necklace and the brooch at the Shawinigan's flea market, for 1$ each too. I only wear black ballerina shoes. I really have a lack of shoes.

N.B: Although probably nothing in those are actually vintage pieces of clothing, I tag this post with "vintage", as this is an example and a part of a larger groups of futures posts with examples of my way to deal with my love of vintage and how the people used to dress,  without having much money or time (because everything could be solve by sewing a ton of clothes) to invest in it.

Hylian 3Ds case

People who know me personally already know how much I procrastinate. This blog is a challenge to myself, let's try to post something interesting at least once or twice a weak.

A little note here to also say I will try to make that blog a little more me... and change that old profile picture this week. Wish me good luck!

So first, personal little project I made:
I crafted a 3Ds case. Being the geek I am (having a 3ds is clearly a proof of behind a geek... or an 10 years old over-spoiled child), I decided to decorate it with a Legend of Zelda theme, since it's one of my favorite game series (behind almost the main reason why I bought the 3Ds). It is still not totally done, since I still need to buy buttons so it can close properly.

Still need to add the buttons so it can close properly. Isn't it adorable?

Oh! 3Ds popping out! 

And on the back... a Cucco!

The idea sprouted in my mind after seeing an adorable owl Kindle-iTouch combination case one of my friend made.
I used mostly the same method of construction as in this tutorial by hipgirlie (I came across  this tutorial throught the dream website for crafter made-come-true Tipnut

I wished I could have made a more elaborate "drawing", but I don't think felt is really suited for that, so I went with a classic Chibi-Link.

I started using the same method to construct a cellphone case. I will post a small tutorial soon, as I will probably finish it tonight.

The only problem I see for now with this case is that I wish I would have made it a little tighter. Not something easy to fix, so it will stay like that , but I'll do my best to not do the same mistake with my cellphone case.


When you like too many things

When you like too many things.

 Trying to make alive again this blog who was ...very unlively during those past years, I was wondering about what I should talk. Many of the "good" blogs focus on one special subject. I however realized I could not only focus on one subject. Keeping myself from talking from something I enjoy seemed really really to restrictive for me. I'll make pretty tags and whatever if I get less readers because of that: I first write for fun ( and to practice my English, but shuuush).

You see, the problem is that I like so many things...I'm not talking here about liking things like everyone like hundreds and hundreds of things in their life. I'm talking about being passionate about something.

 Many of my friends have a great passion. Some are amazing at making pastries, many are artists, spending hours practicing drawings. Many of them like video games, and played a lot of them, are very knowledgeable about them. A lot of my friends are cosplayers, which mean they like to recreate costumes taken from different movies, animations and comics. It is a very demanding and elaborate hobby.

 I see people online living their passion for vintage clothing, music and all the old times to an amazing extent. Some others renovate their house, sew and create amazing jewelery. "Create" seems to be like breathing to them. Almost anything that exist, they make it

 I sometimes envy all those peoples. My friends and the people online. I am a very passionate person. Maybe a bit too much.

I love to draw and paint. I hope to make that for a living eventually. I'm mostly a traditional artist and enjoy watercolours and markers, graphite and ink.
I love to cosplay. A very pricey and time-consuming hobby. But I adore it. Becoming a character I like, making the character come to live, I find it amazing.
I love vintage. Pretty dress, high hells, curly hair and perfect make-up. I think it so much prettier that the current trends and I would really like to pull out that look in my everyday life.

 Those are my top passions I would say. Add to that I would like to have amazing housewife skills. I want to craft a lot. I am always amazed by the actual results I see on those crafting websites. Each time I want to buy something, I often say: I could do that myself. The truth is that I probably could do that, with practice and time.... but I never do it.... But this is such an amazing way to save money and have unique objects

I want to play video games and know and "live" all those amazing stories. I love to watch movies. But vintage passion oblige, I discovered the joys of old movies, with raise a lot the number of movies to say. Since I also like animation and especially Japanese animation.... which have approximately 20 news series each season.... yeah... It would probably take my entire life to watch all that I want... and this is just the current amount.

Oh, and I would like to read books. And comics too, not just mangas, (Japanese style comics), but great graphics novels and Belgian or Canadian comics as well. I feel a lot of personal culture can be acquired through reading....
I adore role-playing games too. I play often, with a lot of friends. Mostly tabletops. I like to create characters, create a life for them, seeing them taking life and evolving in an epic story. If only my boyfriend would not be a wonderful storyteller, it would be easier for me to play less often.

Loving so many things is amazing in a sense. I always have something of interest to read. I like to learn about almost anything. And I always have something to do. But at the same time, it's almost a curse. Loving so many things and many of them being time consuming is often problematic. No time for anything. I want to prioritize, but it's never easy.

 And when come the time to pay for all that... let's say I must use my imagination a lot.... and be always broken while still not having all I need for any of those passions.

I guess someday I'll manage to find a balance in all that. For now I just run everywhere like a chicken with no head. I'm still happy anyway. It still define me very well.