Sorry sorry sorry (yeah, like the SuperJunior song)

Hello everyone.

 Sorry sorry sorry for my disparition. The last months where hectic for me. I will do a small recap post first. And for after that, I already have a lot of material ready J

-Christmas time was too short, but great.Saw my familly, watched some movies. Made a Christmas party at my friend`s place.

-Had a lot of fun Christmas presents. Will probably make some kind of haul post. Not exactly a haul, but just because I’m happy :p

-Prepared a cosplay for a convention at the end of January. This ate A LOT of my time.

-Prepared stuff for Con Turnabout for the same convention.

-Discovered Tumblr and the infinity of references and inspirations pictures on it. You can see mine on :  many cultural and historical clothing stuff, with a few stupid things about Avatar and The Legend of Zelda.

-Finished the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword  a few weeks ago. Await for a review :D

-Have a load of outfit pitctures to post… just need to transfert them from my boyfriend’s iPhone.

-Started my classes again, evening classes and only one in fact this session, the other one got cancelled.

-Started working at Illico Hodes. Let me tell you that people over there are just soooooo nice, this is really a great working environnement…
-Just ordered a new pair of glasses, from Zenni Optical. It will be my first try to buy actual, everyday use glasses on Internet. I bought glasses before for a cosplay, but they had no force in them (and are great, seriously), so this will be the big test! Here is the model I bought
Aren`t they adorable?

As for my next projects, it involve:
-Having better living habits.
-Taking part in the 5/30 Wellness Challenge .
-Creating another cosplay for Anime North( Zelda, from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword) and The Legend of Zelda symphony.
-Correct my previous cosplay (Mai, Avatar)so we can do a photoshoot.
-Create the best portfolio I can (this include finishing 3 drawings)
-Making sewing corrections on my clothes and creating accesoires with stuff I have at home.
-Attending the Manga bal and sdoign another photoshoot with my friend Alexia this week-end.
-Go dance at Le Petit Medley some tuesdays.

I already have 3 others articles written, I just need to put images on them.  I may try to do some videos too, who knows :p