Preparing for the perfect guilty pleasure day.

 There come times in someone’s life where we are very eager to spent a little time, by our self, doing our favourite pastime. With how much life can become easily busy, it’s very easy to get lost and either just never takes a moment to fulfill that desire, or finally doing it for finally noticing everything else is getting late. Regardless for it it’s watching a  TV series you adore,  starting a big knitting project or learning a new, complicated dance, all people who want to really consecrate time to a project or a guilty pleasure they have  encounter the same difficulties.

In exactly 5 days, this will be my case. One of the thing I've been waiting for veeery long will finally be in my hands. I waited for it eagerly since months, and it has been almost impossible to have a conversation IRL without me mentioning it at some point.

This is exactly that kind of time I was just talking about. And in my case, it will be for a video game.
I will sit down and play  Zelda Skyward Sword for the entire Sunday. And the week after, all the day after work, after my classes.  Until I finish it (which can actually take some time since I'm a pretty bad video game player.)

 Isn't that all pretty?

  Do not think I'm that kind of gamer who disappears as soon as a good game appears? I’m not. I didn't really play a salon console game since... ages.... Last game I played a lot was Zelda Ocarina of Time on my 3ds. Zelda , Zelda, Zelda.

My love story with the Zelda series
 Zelda is my favorite series since the days I bought Ocarina of time (now let's do liek in the game and put in evidence important words)  to play on my sister's N64. Having playing only the Mario series and others platformers up to that point, Ocarina of Time really amazed me by the sense of adventure I could feel while traveling its field. For once, I felt the game really had a story, a deeper one that what I could see from the Mario ending my cousin allowed me to see (because in no way would I have been able to finish by myself one of those games... I still can't in fact).
 Nothing seemed more epic .... and it still is!

 It was the first game ever I bought. I was already a teenager, fourteen I think, and this totally enchanted me. It may even be what sparkled back in me the desire to draw, as I remember  my first drawings I tried to copy (which in the end, leaded me to learn to draw) was two official arts of Link from this game.

 Since then, I finished that game... over  25times. I'm not exaggerating here. That how much this  game can be addictive. When I learned about a remake on the 3Ds, I immediately jumped on the new, shiny (and pricy) console. I have yet to finish it, being a bit to obstinate about a side quest of finding 100 golden spiders whose emplacements are really hidden deep in a mysterious corner in my head.

An now... The Beast!
 Although I really like the following games of the series, I must say I never was as hipped as for the next game in the series, Skyward sword. Developed story connected to the others title, inventive dungeons, the perfect graphic style as far as I'm concerned (cell shading with a more realistic drawing style, impressionist-inspired colors), ingenious gameplay (using the Wiimote as an actual sword, bug net and other items) and a lot of great characters.

So pretty pretty

The closer the release date is coming and the more reviews goes out. And almost all claim how this is the best game of the series. How can I wait there, calmly, for this to come out? Well in fact, that’s easy! By preparing myself!

I will actually do a review after playing the game enough to my own taste. But I realized I needed to prepare so I could play it as much as I wanted , which conducted me to write this post. With 2 evening classes and a bit more than forty hours of job per week, I really needed awesome time management to be able to play a bit. So I prepared a plan, a preparation to do before that fateful day (November 20th) so I will be able to play as much a possible. I think this can generally apply to anyone preparing to invest himself or herself totally in one activity

 Be responsible
If you want to have free time to give as much attention as possible to your special activity, you need to make sure all the responsibilities you have been fulfilled before, or else it's not really possible to really take full advantage and all possible fun and pleasure from that activity. As for me: 

- First, a couple of weeks ago, I asked my teacher to give me my homework in advance. I will try to do as much of them as I can before that fateful day so I won't have any to do for a few days at least after. It meant I still need to draw a lot this week, but it's worth it.

 - I want to make a big clean up in my apartment. Not only because  maintaining a clean environment is the task of any responsible adult, but also so I can sit in my clean, cozy living room, and be very happy and comfortable while playing my favourite games, without feeling bad when thinking of the state of the apartment. Regarding the need for a big clean-up, my living room is the one the most suffering from it. 

 - Cut others unnecessary (but still fun) activities. I adore my Exalted games, but I made a deal with my boyfriend: no Exalted game around that time. Maybe the day just before and still, it will finish very early so I can go to the restaurant for my sister's birthday. It take a lot of time and always make me  very tired since the games finish between 1 and 4am. I also arrange to put aside a drawing class I have each week with a friend, since we have no time limit to do it. I love both of those activities, but I have to choice to cut somewhere and unfortunately, I can’t spend all my time having fun.
Now, please be better than me and manage to cut more that what I did... as I still have a Ace Attorney staff diner probably tomorrow and a Drink and Draw meeting Friday.... Since I have classes on Tuesday and Thursday evening, I only had yesterday that was  free....

Be thematic
Now, this does not always apply, but putting a little effort to become more and more part of the world in which you want to immerge at that moment can always help. Extending the  ambiance to a few days before may also help to get the steam higher, so this can also be a good idea
- In clothing: I planned since a lot of time to customize one of my hoodie to be Zelda themed. I think it would be great to be able to finish it before the game come out. I could proudly wear it when going to get my game :), although I honestly doubt it would be possible. I will probably just wear my Zelda t-shirt
  Not the one I want to make, but another very fun design by Kristaia  on deviantart(although I will use fabric paint in my case)

- In food: Hem... in my case, it may be a bit hard.  Easy answer is cupcakes with icing, which make it easy to include the Zelda theme by decoration. I guess using food who are present in the Zelda serie could be an idea? So... pumpkins? Milk? Meet loin? Pumpkins and cheese soup? Fish? (for Lord Jabu-Jabu?) I won't go far with that.  I will stick to cupcakes...
Look yummy... not...
Wow.... Someone actually made that soup! Look here, on show and tell Flickr account!

- In music: Make sure to have a lot of Zelda songs loaded on my MP3 player. And why not changing my ringtone for that special occasion? I could use that awesome Skyward sword theme (aka reverse Zelda Lullaby). I'm also listening to my Zelda music cds.

- In decoration: I only have one Link figurine (and no one else have the same!) and two posters. I don't plan to change that. My eyes will be on the TV screen. As long as I feel comfortable, I don't need any decorations. In others cases, it could be very fun however.

- I will also make sure to play Zelda games while I can, on the subway ,etc , on my 3ds. What better way to put me right back in that familiar gameplay, those puzzles, etc... so I can get even more surprise with the new game!

Be comfy
- First, having a clean home. It's in our responsibilities anyway.

- Making sure it's comfortable. This mean to have you best couch, chair available, a room just at the right temperature with a blanket if you have a tendency to be cold, or a fan if you get hot easily.
My not so comfortable couch... I moved since them, but still have the same furniture... and same cats. If only they could stay we me the entire day while I play Skyward sword.....

-On THE day, wear comfortable clothes. And slippers.

- And make sure you look good. Now this may be only me, but when I don't make sure I look good at least a little bit, I just don't feel so well. I don’t think I need absolutely make-up (although a little bit can help), but I won’t spend all of my day with crazy hair and  unwashed face.
 (no you will not have any picture of me looking like a zombie)

Be organised
- We need to have surfaces: regardless of if you are planning to knit in front or a good movie or to play a video games for hour, large, stables surfaces are a must. Tables ,or chairs if no tables are available. We need a place for that cold drink, that wool ... or that Wiimote.... In my case, it also means I need to make enough floor room for if I decide to go all epic and get up to fight evil monsters.

-Making sure to have all supplies necessary. If you knit, making sure to have enough wool for example. In my case, I guess it mean to have a lot of batteries. I would probably even have paper, pencils (just in case I want to take note, or doodle.... ) cream for my hands (just in case they get dry-ish) and as much good food I can :) , something to clean my hands (  after eating, so the Wiimote won't get sticky).
-Having a small trash can be very handy if you plan to eat (even snacks) while being there. And to keep the room clean if you are making something messy (sewing would be a good example).

-I would like to have a good and fast lunch and dinner to eat that day, as well as collations. Which mean I will probably make sure to have leftover from the day before for the meals. As for the snacks, I want to make sure to have my favourite ones, but not only candies and chocolate. I will for sure have a lot of clementines Easy to eat and so tasty.

Be opulent
Now, this is not an obligation, but just so fun. Make sure all the day ca n be as good as possible. Be nice to everyone so everyone will be nice at you, do what you prefer, stay in a good mood... and if possible, extend the fun . In my case, I need to take a doctor appointment soon. If I can, I'll take it Monday, 21th of November. So when coming back from the doctor's, I can plaaaaaaay the whole day: D. This is just a bonus, but my arranging your schedule in some way, you can make sure to make the fun last a little more!

And you , what are your guilty pleasures? :D

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  1. Boul(her sister) Great post , tu es vraiment ultra-fan :D Je te souhaite ben du fun! C'est comme moi et the Last Guardian ca risque fort problablement etre de meme aussi! :P