Outfit post!

So here is a few outfits from the past few weeks.  All taken on my boyfriend iPhone, accessorizing by him (so don't ask why I'm holding a marker in my kitchen :p)

I should technically post those daily, but my biggest problem is actually to take pictures each day. I am shy to ask to other people (except my boyfriend) to take pictures of me.... and I only see my boyfriend each evening, late late... when my outfit is less than at it's best.(well for the week, no other reason except being distracted for the week-end) .

So, with that, the outfits:

So here is a sixties-ish look

I also call that a lazy sixties look, since the hat prevent me from doing an elaborate hairstyle. The dress is an actual sixties one, a gift from my boyfriend. I really like the embrodery details. I will post a zoom on it sometimes
Hat- Ardene, something like 3$
Earings- Shawinigan's flea market, 1$
Scarf- Took it from a hat I got as a gift... I still have the hat too :p
Dress- Sixties dress from Friperie Saint-Laurent
Tights- Either a gift or I bought them at 10$ for a cosplay
Shoes- Ballerinas from Yellow, 20$
As for the second outfit, it was another of those lazy days... my hair where not great... I am still learning... Oh well It's a more casual look , but still classy. I work in a video games and people keep telling me I'm overdressed :p
Don't ask about the marker... Or my face... please....

I had sooo much problems to pose that time XD

Earings are a gift from my mom. I remember loving to put them on when I played dress up as a kid. I'm really happy she gave them to me. I bought the necklace is from the Shawinigan's Flea market 
Vest was bought years ago at Prism... I really like it in fact, it have green and pink lines in the pattern.
Shirt was given my my aunt, as was the skirt and I seriously forgot from were is the belt.
Socking are just from... any store. I keep buying some because I'm extremely clumsy and make holes in them all the time. I am still wearing those cream shoes from Yellow 

I had an adorable  golden rose brooch that felled while I was wearing it. I was pretty sad since it was a gift from my late grandmother/godmother.

So this is all for now. As you can see, I still have problems with my hair, trying to tame them... They are very dry naturally and curly....  and I'm growing them out... So yeah....

Until next time :)

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