Gasp! A post... Again a bad blogger? Let's correct that , shall we :3

Well well well... Hello everyone. It`s been quite some time since I wrote here, right? What a baaaad, bad blogger I have been

Let me tell you about the causes of that...

No no! That suave little man is not the only cause, I swear!

Well Ok. Skyward Sword is partially in  cause. BUT , in it's defense (because we know you're all going to blame the game and not me... right?), I had a pretty busy life with ... you know, job, school ( with final assignments, social life).

Althought I must precise that Skyward Sword is really a great game and it`s probably my favorite Zelda game since the N64 games. But I will talk about that in more details, in another article, when I will have  FINISHED THE GAME (which I didn't.... because.... no...time...;_;)

So I decided to post here a few pictures of the past few weeks. Not necessarily in the chronological order, but just a few for fun :p Please note that this post will be a big melting pot of all my differents interests. I usually try to keep each post with only one subject, but this will be an exception.

So yeeeeah. First. A very random picture. I took it in a drugstore the other day just because well... Am I the only girl that this hit? I had the EXACT SAME BARRETS when I was 4 years old. I especially remember covering my father's head with it (oooooh now I wish I could put a picture of that here... unfortunatly, it`s my mom who have those treasures)
They were never actually STAYING in my hair....

So when I saw those little plastic barrets.... nostalgia hit me really hard... I had to share... sorry... Maybe one day , I will be able to buy those for my own little girl... and get all angry because they actually don`t clip well....

Anyway, NEXT
Ah, restaurants! That exact week was hectic , I went to the restaurant 3 times. First, because one of my friend from Quebec city was in town, so we went in group to karaoke and then we discover a very tasty restaurant called Hakata Ramen. I was actually surprised and liked it way better that my usual ramen restaurant. I suggest it to everyone who comes or live in Montreal . Let it be know however that I never take ramen in ramen restaurants.... I just take... the others foods. In the case of Hakata ramen, I tried their curry omuraisu and their crispy chicken. Both were delicious.

In the middle of the week, we had a small meet-up with the staff of Con Turnabout, a wonderful activity for who I act as the human resources responsible, part of the costume team and sometime as actress. We were only 10 that day and went to eat at the most delicious chinese restaurant in Montreal, the V.I.P.

Here is a picture of all our delicious food and my ninja friends :D
There was even General Ta tofu! 

Saturday was a  evening out for my sister's birthday.... and we went to Hakata Ramen (yes, I suggested it) Now, I went there two times, but didn`t even tough of taking pictures. I still need to learn to take a lot more pictures.....  After that we went to  Chapters.... oh the torture. Of course, I ended up buying something... and honestly, I would have bought maybe two or three more books. But here is the one I chose:
I already had one book about vintage fashion from that author. Those are amazing!

I might write a review on that one day. But I can say  this is a must have for anyone who have passion for fashion, vintage or costume design. This precise book gave me the idea of compiling my own encyclopedia of diverse kinds of clothing, how they are constructed. I realized that when I design something ,I come back too often to the same kind of sleeve, tops , etc
I must also say I took it with the intention to use it to help to design... eventually, my own wedding dress.

Talking about sewing. I also went fabric-shopping with Sam, by no.1 cosplay partner. We are planning to do a small cosplay group of Avatar The last Airbender  for a convention in january. I will do the ooooooh so happy and full of joy Mai:
In fact... she look even more bored than that usually...

Sam will be doing dear prince Zuko and our friend Alexia, Ty Lee. Just learned that another of my friend may do Azula! So yeah. I will need to start working on that as soon as my school term finish. Can I also say the wig will be a nightmare? Those hair just do not make sence...

Edit: And those shoes....

Anyway, I went to buy fabric with Sam... and just a small mention for Stiches.... Yeah, that store for teenagers....
Why do you have such cute hoodies?
My boyfriend managed to make me NOT buy one by making me remember this was not elegant...
But still.... so cute ;_;

I also did a lot of drawing in those weeks. Here is an example. I will actually try to color this one on the computer, which is not my usual medium. It will be interesting.

It is cuuuuuuuute....

Two of my OCs, manly pirate woman and her fabulous husband. Yeah, my characters are weird. Thoseare in fact characters from a roleplaying game I play. I may talk about it one day. More about the game, not the characters I mean. Because this is not a "Let me tell you about my character" blog

And finally here is the only picture I took in 2 meet-up make with a group I created on Facebook called
"Pratique de dessins entre artistes" (french for...  Drawing training for artists?) The meet-up are organised by my friend any and are special "Drink and Draw" activities. There will another one this next Monday, I will try to be a good blogger and take a lot of pictures this time.

Now, news regarding this blog.
-A change in my situation starting next year make so that I will probably do a lot more outfit posts! So yeah!
-I have started to write a series of articles explaining each f my passions, starting with the hardest. I will soon post that too!

Also, please tell me! What do you want to see on this blog. Reviews? or articles on something in specifics? Tutorials? Polka? (Anyone who answer polka will die)


  1. nooo, you need to get a little boy first, cos I would totally knit a baby Link hat for him^^

  2. Ahhaha, it's not like I'm going to choose. But a baby Link hat seem ... amazing <3 I will definitely make costumes for my kids until they have the age to say they don't want to wear them... which may be very young sadly XD