Christmas season

With the heavy blizzard we had this morning, I finally feel like Christmas is near...even if in fact, it us very near. For me, holidays have been so closely connected with icy weather and  heavy snow,  it seem totally unrealistic for me to live a real Christmas without the white snow covering the landscape. Christmas in California or Australia seem just so strange to me, even if I'm pretty sure their Holidays are filled with great moments too, but in my head, it just doesn't work.

I still remember, a few years ago. It was the first Holidays after my last grandmother passed away. It was also the only Christmas I remember without any snow, in fact, I remember it was even over 0 Celsius degrees. It was just feeling like a very sad spring and although seeing the family and all that was still nice, I think everyone was feeling a bit sour and the weather was somewhat fitting. Just like it was not really Christmas.

A lot of people are whining about how Christmas and the Holidays just became commercials and do not have a real meaning.

 I think that regardless of if you give it a religious meaning or not, for me, it is just a great occasion to share moments with my family and friends (since everyone have  days off from work or school) , to give  and receive presents ( regardless of what people think, I LOVE giving presents...and receiving some is great too of course XD).And I honestly like to be spammed with decorations and Christmas music on stores and everywhere, it make me feel happy and peaceful... Although I would understand how it could irritates someone who actually work in said store, with the repetitive music and incessant flow of customers. Still, it's the perfect time ti practice positive thinking. For me, Christmas decorations have a way of lighting up any room. The place at my current job is usually quite morose, with gray carpet and infinite rows of computers ( and the lights are always closed....) But with the little Christmas lights everywhere,  shiny  tinsels... It just feels so more nice and... Hearty.

Yeah, children at this time of the year may think a lot about presents. Presents, presents, presents. But, seriously. What is wrong with that? I was like that, then grew up and now learned the joy to give and realize how a way bigger part of the fun is to be with friends and family.
Children can just gradually learn how just giving time or homemade cookies, or handcrafted gift can be as great if not even better than bought ones.
I will leave you with a picture of one of the decoration installation in a mall near where I work. So much effort went in this....

I think it's pretty..... or maybe I just like gaudy things....

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