Gone with the wind impressions

I heard about this movie  when I was still very little, but got to see it only last week. My interest for it became bigger as I started watching old movies. Then I choose Vivian Leigh as the reference face for a character I draw often, which made me want to see it even more.

In the end this only influenced my view of the movie a little bit. Overall, I was greatly impressed.

First, a bit about the story. As much as I had heard about this movie before, I never  new what it was able and I thought the two main characters, Scarlett and Rhett were eperdually in love with each other. Haard to be more wrong on that. The story is mainly about Scarlett in fact (played by Vivian Leigh), Very pretty, daugther of a rich plantation owner in the South of the United states around 1860 , she learn that the man she loves, Ashley (played by Leslie Howard) is going to marry her cousin Melanie (Olivia de Havilland). Very jealous, she try to makes him changes his mind, but fail blantlantly. She also meat Rhett Butler (Clark Gable), a newcomer in the region with a very bad reputation.  Rhett fall immediatly for Scarlett... energy to day that nicely, but she cannot forget Ashley. And the , the Civil War start.

One odf the first thing who suprised me is the length. Never did I knew, when I put that DVD in the PS3 that this movie was so lengthy, it make Titanic cry in a corner in shame for being way to short. Honestly, I had to cut my screening in two; I had to go to bed. Never did the "Entracte" in the middle of the movie seemed more fitting to me. But, in no moment did I found the movie too slow, or not interesting. Although there is some calmer moments, they are always welcome, after dramatic moments or intense war scenes.

She does seem really nice, no? But seriously, main characters with big problems? I love it!

I had often heard how Scarlett O'Hara was one crazy lady... well let's just say it was indeed true. Never did I saw a character so unconnected to her own feelings, trying too much to be strong but in fact so capricious and immature. And here is the only link I will make with the character who have Vivian Leigh's features.... god they are so much alike. Scarlett just seem way worse.... but as extreme as she can be, she remain a very realistic and interesting character. Even in today's movie, we don't often see main characters as extreme and who show as frankly the bad sides of a person who still fundamental remains a normal person who have the same kind of desires as everyone around her. She treats everyone around her terribly, especially Rhett, (probably because she see herself in him) but it still what make her so true.
Ok , he does force-kiss her a bit too much...

Rhett in contrast, was maybe a little to dashing for realistic measure, but that made him a more interesting character as well. I only wish it would not have been Clark Gable who played him. I sincerely don't really see any charm in him. Well, in Rhett Butler, there is some, but it is mostly because of the writing and a bit from the acting, but the actor himself , for me... naaaah.. Still, I never thought I would love the character so much , he ended up being my favorite. 
Happy Rhett? You're my favorite. Here is a cookie!

I think Melanie and Ashley are interesting characters as well. It was strange to see Olivia De Havilland playing such a pure character, as I usually saw her in more playful roles. I think she pulled it  very well and Melanie is the perfect personification of that "too nice" character. This is usually the kind of character I hate, but in a movie where the main character is Scarlett O'Hara, it was actually refreshing. I think that kind of character is in fact a problem when they are the main character. How could anyone relate to someone who is perfect. But as a supporting character/ rival, this become really interesting.

Ashley was not a very interesting character  for me although I appreciate him portraying the weak emotional side so much humans have. The way he cannot really resist Scarlett and how he chooses the more easy way of live and only wish for peace is interesting. How pathetic of him to really realise he loves Melanie when it's too late
  M. and Mrs. Perfect. Not exactly in fact, but oh well

Aside for the character, I must say the costumes were just breathtaking. I have a very soft spot for Victorian clothes, men and women alike. I thought interesting to see the movie was  shot at a time were snood were coming back in fashion... for the first time since the time were the story of Gone with the wind took place. Scarlett's dress made from the curtains was especially pretty. What's with movie characters making such beautiful dress with curtains.
Curtain dress! 
   Curtain dress!  (and she have two more)

 I also found out interesting that this story was tell from the point of you or people from the South of the United States. In my limited knowledge of the Civil War (since I live in Canada, it was not a huge part of our history classes), from what I grasped, they were always portrayed as "the bad guys" since they wanted to keep the slavery.

A bit like Grave of the fireflies (taking place in Japan in the second WW),'' Gone with the wind'' show this war from the point of view from a side I was used to see on the "enemy" side in movies and stories. Even if I already knew it, it it refreshing to see how war could have been for those people, remembering us that  on each side of a war, there is always normal humans beings who suffer from it.

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