When you like too many things

When you like too many things.

 Trying to make alive again this blog who was ...very unlively during those past years, I was wondering about what I should talk. Many of the "good" blogs focus on one special subject. I however realized I could not only focus on one subject. Keeping myself from talking from something I enjoy seemed really really to restrictive for me. I'll make pretty tags and whatever if I get less readers because of that: I first write for fun ( and to practice my English, but shuuush).

You see, the problem is that I like so many things...I'm not talking here about liking things like everyone like hundreds and hundreds of things in their life. I'm talking about being passionate about something.

 Many of my friends have a great passion. Some are amazing at making pastries, many are artists, spending hours practicing drawings. Many of them like video games, and played a lot of them, are very knowledgeable about them. A lot of my friends are cosplayers, which mean they like to recreate costumes taken from different movies, animations and comics. It is a very demanding and elaborate hobby.

 I see people online living their passion for vintage clothing, music and all the old times to an amazing extent. Some others renovate their house, sew and create amazing jewelery. "Create" seems to be like breathing to them. Almost anything that exist, they make it

 I sometimes envy all those peoples. My friends and the people online. I am a very passionate person. Maybe a bit too much.

I love to draw and paint. I hope to make that for a living eventually. I'm mostly a traditional artist and enjoy watercolours and markers, graphite and ink.
I love to cosplay. A very pricey and time-consuming hobby. But I adore it. Becoming a character I like, making the character come to live, I find it amazing.
I love vintage. Pretty dress, high hells, curly hair and perfect make-up. I think it so much prettier that the current trends and I would really like to pull out that look in my everyday life.

 Those are my top passions I would say. Add to that I would like to have amazing housewife skills. I want to craft a lot. I am always amazed by the actual results I see on those crafting websites. Each time I want to buy something, I often say: I could do that myself. The truth is that I probably could do that, with practice and time.... but I never do it.... But this is such an amazing way to save money and have unique objects

I want to play video games and know and "live" all those amazing stories. I love to watch movies. But vintage passion oblige, I discovered the joys of old movies, with raise a lot the number of movies to say. Since I also like animation and especially Japanese animation.... which have approximately 20 news series each season.... yeah... It would probably take my entire life to watch all that I want... and this is just the current amount.

Oh, and I would like to read books. And comics too, not just mangas, (Japanese style comics), but great graphics novels and Belgian or Canadian comics as well. I feel a lot of personal culture can be acquired through reading....
I adore role-playing games too. I play often, with a lot of friends. Mostly tabletops. I like to create characters, create a life for them, seeing them taking life and evolving in an epic story. If only my boyfriend would not be a wonderful storyteller, it would be easier for me to play less often.

Loving so many things is amazing in a sense. I always have something of interest to read. I like to learn about almost anything. And I always have something to do. But at the same time, it's almost a curse. Loving so many things and many of them being time consuming is often problematic. No time for anything. I want to prioritize, but it's never easy.

 And when come the time to pay for all that... let's say I must use my imagination a lot.... and be always broken while still not having all I need for any of those passions.

I guess someday I'll manage to find a balance in all that. For now I just run everywhere like a chicken with no head. I'm still happy anyway. It still define me very well.

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