Hylian 3Ds case

People who know me personally already know how much I procrastinate. This blog is a challenge to myself, let's try to post something interesting at least once or twice a weak.

A little note here to also say I will try to make that blog a little more me... and change that old profile picture this week. Wish me good luck!

So first, personal little project I made:
I crafted a 3Ds case. Being the geek I am (having a 3ds is clearly a proof of behind a geek... or an 10 years old over-spoiled child), I decided to decorate it with a Legend of Zelda theme, since it's one of my favorite game series (behind almost the main reason why I bought the 3Ds). It is still not totally done, since I still need to buy buttons so it can close properly.

Still need to add the buttons so it can close properly. Isn't it adorable?

Oh! 3Ds popping out! 

And on the back... a Cucco!

The idea sprouted in my mind after seeing an adorable owl Kindle-iTouch combination case one of my friend made.
I used mostly the same method of construction as in this tutorial by hipgirlie (I came across  this tutorial throught the dream website for crafter made-come-true Tipnut

I wished I could have made a more elaborate "drawing", but I don't think felt is really suited for that, so I went with a classic Chibi-Link.

I started using the same method to construct a cellphone case. I will post a small tutorial soon, as I will probably finish it tonight.

The only problem I see for now with this case is that I wish I would have made it a little tighter. Not something easy to fix, so it will stay like that , but I'll do my best to not do the same mistake with my cellphone case.

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