Outfit post: October 19th , 2011

Please note there will not be an outfit post for yesterday... as I could not take a picture before coming back to home at 10pm (7 hours of work, 3 hours of waiting and 3hours of class, yay!), I got surprised by the rain... my hairs became so crazy

Anyway, this is what I wore Wednesday

Now fortunately, this is an outfit post and not a face post, because I'm doing a pretty horrible one on all those pics. Another thing to remember to check when taking pictures for these posts... 
Pretty pretty suit. Terrible terrible face XD

My boyfriend actually thought by himself to talk different pictures, how nice of him <3.

I adore this suit, it's so sweet. However, it's probably made for something who is in two dimensions, as I had to made the waistline of the skirt modified so I could wear it (and it’s something to put on) As for the vest, when I wear it closed, I need to wear the bra I bought to compress my chest when I crossplay (more explanation on crossplay/cosplay in another post. You can ask if you have questions anyway).

My only regret here was to forget to tease a bit the hair at the top of my head for a more sixties look. That and my hair who became all frizzy, because it was very windy outside. Anyway, here come the description

To quote my dear Dilandau: MY FACE! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!
(hey , it's important to be to do so auto-derision)

  • Roses in my hairs: Ardene (2$)
  • Earings, necklace, bracelet: Gift from Mat's mother (Mat being my boyfriend, if someone I don't know personally ever read that :p)
  • Pink suit: Friperie Saint-Remi ( I think it's a sixties one... construction and fabric make me think so anyway, 4$)
  • Socks: Fanamanga (from a unknow lolita brand, around 10$)
  • Shoes: Yellow (40$.... they’re kinda old now)

I used Violet Lebeaux’s tutorial to do a bow with my hair, but I made it sideways, since my hair are not as long as hers (sadly, very sadly) I think it’s still cute :3

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