Outfit post, October 18th 2011

Style post!

Since I also want to talk about vintage, clothing and that kind of stuff,I'll try to post my daily outfit to help motivate myself to have something descent each day.

I can first say: I buy almost NOTHING in "normal clothes" stores. A lot f my clothes were either given to me by someone, or I bought them in a trift store, a flea market, a vintage boutique or online. Most exceptions are tights, socks and underwear (which I will not talk about here :D)

So this is what I wore yesterday

Only one picture .I need to learn to ask for more angles and some zooms in.

This is actually an outfit I often wear when I don't know what to choose from my wardrobe.

The blouse and the skirt were both bought at the thritft store Friperie Saint-RĂ©mi.

A little pause here to say this is my favorite thrift store. First, it's really really cheap. I bought those two pieces for 1$ each. The priciest pieces are 4$. And mostly, the set up. See, there is this " costume" section where everything which is a bit out of the ordinary will be classified. First stop as soon as I arrive in that store. I found a lot of my clothes in that part.

Note that a the checkered skirts are not in that section. And up to now, two persons from Montreal told me this  skirt was the uniform skirt at their high school. I say, lucky them, I think it's actually very cute and blue tartan is not that common!

The tights were a Christmas gift from my parents, and the earrings, a gift from boyfriend's mother. I bought the  necklace and the brooch at the Shawinigan's flea market, for 1$ each too. I only wear black ballerina shoes. I really have a lack of shoes.

N.B: Although probably nothing in those are actually vintage pieces of clothing, I tag this post with "vintage", as this is an example and a part of a larger groups of futures posts with examples of my way to deal with my love of vintage and how the people used to dress,  without having much money or time (because everything could be solve by sewing a ton of clothes) to invest in it.

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