James Bond observations

I spent last week-end at my boyfriend's parent’s home. His father being a big James Bond fan, he had several of those movies in DVD. In the week-end, we watched three of them

  • Goldfinger
  • Diamonds are forever
  • The man with the golden gun

Now keep in mind that this was my first experience with James Bond (in fact ,I saw Quantum of Solace at the movie theater, but does it really count?).I always was a very girly little girl. Any action movie was out of my "to watch" list for a very long part of my life.

At first, it was exactly like I thought it would be. I didn't live in the jungle for 26 years so I actually know how a James Bond movie is supposed to be. I even saw many times the three Austin Powers, because this is the kind of movie my father like.

So James Bond is there, all mighty, witty, with his gadgets and nice suits, being all sexist (hey, it was the early sixties, don't ask too much, ahahaah). Then I saw Goldfinger. In a playsuit...

 Be happy you cannot see the whole outfit
Now now... man should never wear playsuit. This is a part of vintage fashion I'll never miss. On a woman, it can be a pretty cute outfit. On a man... it's just...errgh... Especially on M.Goldfinger....

I just then realised all the similarities there was between Austin Powers and James Bond. I knew that first was a parody of the second but.... never did I knew it was at that point. In fact , I always thought James Bond movies were a lot more serious that what they actually are.

First, the names... in those movies.... I thought those terrible, sexified names where an Austin Powers joke only... But... just in "Goldfinger"...... There was a woman named Pussy Galore and another Plenty O'Tool (the play of word is even more crude in French "Abondance de la Queue"). Seriously? They were actually named like that. I thought movies were a little more censored in the sixties. Still got a lot to learn it seem (and of course)

"The man in the golden gun " was probably the  one I preferred, only because the main villain was played by awesome Christopher Lee... The fact he have a third nipple and wear some kind of one-piece suit (a playsuit ?!?)  in the start of the movie....well ,I guess I will survive with it. It was pretty fun to see him in his pre-Saruman year. I should watch his Dracula movies, to watch him in all his glory.

I must say that the concept of Mr.Bond winning everything by going to bed with the right lady... and all ladies wanting to go to bed with him.... I was at the same time amused and outraged.  With his legendary charisma, all women fall for him. It's James Bond, it's a classic. It's a big part of the character and what make him more interesting that your average secret agent.  At the same times, I spent those three movies wanting 2 things: to slap some senses in all those girls (especially one of them, I will talk about that lather) and to jump in the James Bond universe and become a very pretty lady so James Bond would hit on me and I could say NO. Just... any girl who could totally, blatantly say "no, not interested” and would not change her mind would be good).

And Mary Goodnight (again? that name!):she KNOWS he go to bed with other women, it sadden her, make her angry... and then ten seconds afterward, she's in his arms. Seriously, at some point, he was about to sleep with her ,then ANOTHER women arrives, he HIDES her in the closet, sleep with the other woman... while she is there.... and in the end, she still forgives him... How can she?

However, "The Man with the Golden Gun" still surprised me by giving Mr. Bond a sidekick (Lieutenant Hip) which really surprised me... I thought he was always alone... except for one (or two, three, five... ) token woman to help.

As for the diverse plots, although they are not the same for each movie, I thought they were pretty similar in style (what a surprise...not), none really stood out for me.

Overall, my favourite in those three was probably "The Man with the Golden Gun". For me to like a movie , I need to like the characters . Since my favourites characters are: Scaramanga, Lieutenant Hip, the kitty and Pussy Galore(she still was cool), "The Man with the Golden Gun" wins with having two characters I really like. I also enjoyed watching the Asian setting, that kind of scenery so different to the ones I'm used to see is always very interesting to watch.

    The winner!.... and I'm not sure it's the epitome of coolness to pose
back to back in shirts like this. Oh well...

Goldfinger come second. Diamond are forever seemed a bit blank I think , compared to the two others... but maybe I should rewatch it with more attention

I think the James Bond series will stay for me fun movies to watch... and absolutely not to be taken seriously. I will surely enjoy watching the others movies.

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