The price of wanting what we don't have

Yesterday, I went to the store. After bleaching my brains with days of videos telling how to apply make-up or how to style hairs to achieve a style like I wanted.... I wanted to buy some cosmetics and products. Nothing much: one or two lipstick, an eyeliner, skin moistener, pomade for hair, etc

Not much... but it cost me over one hundred dollars. God. Trying to take care of my skin and hair cost a lot.

I keep thinking a lot of that stuff is overpriced (as is a lot of things) .Especially that tiny bottle of tainted skin moistener...

All those products are at their first try, except for one, so I’ll probably have to see if they work like I want.

I remember, a few months ago, talking with my mother about a small cream she had. It was suppose to prevent wrinkles. The container was tiny, and to my eyes very pricy. I was telling her how she should not buy that kind of stuff, since there is an high chance it would not even work. She answered me that she thought it was worth the chance. I was not agreeing on that, but oh well.

And then I heard some kind of supplements can help your hair to grow.... and now I want to spend money on that. Yep, it seem I may fall in trap too J.

And now, this may become a bit too deep

Everyone got something they would change on themselves. I’m not only talking about complex. I personally think we should usually work with what we have: I don’t adore how I look like, but I guess its ok. And I’m doing my best to make it better, so that I think I look great and how I want to look.

But... I want long hair. Since I was little. I think it’s so pretty. But my hair are very obstinate. Since two years, they only grew for about 6 inches. At least I’m not the kind of woman who always wants to change my haircut... so they can have the time to grow... but still, it takes so much time....  
        This could grow faster than my hair... and I know rocks don't grow

I know a lot of people who would like to be just a little taller, slimmer, etc. Sometimes it’s possible, sometimes it’s not, and if it is, it usually takes either a lot of work or a lot of patience.

Isn’t it weird we spend so much time working to a goal that would, in the end, not change that much things. In the end, we spent a lot of time just wishing for things we don’t have hmm?

I saw once an article about how, while we fiercely think of sometimes and desire it (having a new house, having a child, a new object) , we should concentrate of the advantages our current situation have. Want a kid? Well while waiting the good moment, you can always use all those free evenings and remember that at least for now, there is no incessant crying. You still have a full private life. Same goes with people who search for a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  The best is always not to overdo it and take the time you have to do the best with it.

I currently realize more and more how each moment in life is important , how each of them will never comes back. So let's like all the ones we can.

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